Date and time

Date of sighting

You enter the date of the sighting in as day, month and year.
You can enter it in directly, or by clicking on today, yesterday or the one of the five preceding days.
If you cannot remember the exact date, you can just fill in the month, or year.

If the sighting was within a certain period, click on . A new field will appear enabling you to fill in the dates of the beginning and end of that period.
In the first field fill in the starting date of the observation, in the second field the end date.
Again, the month and year, or just the year will suffice if you no longer remember the exact date.

You can also use the calendar. Click on . On the calendar you can select the date of the sighting by clicking directly on a date. Use the grey arrows to browse back and forth between months or years. Note that it is not possible to fill in a future date!

Time of sighting

In addition to the date you can also enter the time of the sighting. Click A field appears where you can enter the time.

As with date, you can also indicate a start and end time. Click (indicated with a green circle below). You can now enter the start and end time.